Optimized for all computer types

Most guests prefer to book on your website. That is why the booking engine is fast becoming the #1 source of revenue for most hotels. This means you must have a fast, guest-friendly booking engine on your website or potential guests will book with a competitor.

Snap will keep you ahead of your competitors and help you turn lookers into bookers!

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Snap PMS Booking Engine

The Snap Booking Engine is free!

There are no reservation fees

Snap booking engine is optimized for all computer types.

Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops

Guests love the new user-friendly design.

Happy guests = more bookings.

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The Snap BE is integrated with the Front Desk Dashboard.

One click at the Front Desk Dashboard controls the Booking Engine, your OTAs and GDSs.

Snap is fast!

Get almost instantaneous availability results.

Snap has super secure encryption.

We use the new TLS 1.2 encryption- more secure than old style HTTPS.

Google AdWords Tracking

Track bookings/revenue related to Google AdWords campaigns.

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