Setup Tips

Set Up tips

How to write Room and Rate Descriptions that sell

Think of writing your Room and Rate descriptions as writing a mini sales pitch. You should include enough information to persuade a potential guest to book. At the same time, don’t include so much info that no one will finish reading it. Also, be impeccably honest. Don’t oversell or you will find that many guests will “walk” leaving you with no time to re-sell the room.

 A note about WiFi: Recent research tells us that the first item guests look at when choosing a hotel is the Internet connection. It is almost as important as running water. Therefore, we recommend listing this specific amenity in both the Rate and Room Descriptions. 

About Room Descriptions

Room Descriptions should be short and include all items directly related to the room only. You should not include items that are Property related or Rate related. For example: A good room description will include information regarding bedding and room amenities, but exclude references to items like free parking, meals, or business center, etc.


Items To include Description Example
Room Type Name Junior Suite; Standard Room; 1 Bedroom Suite
Room Configuration Bedroom with adjoining seating area
Bedding King Bed
Type of Internet connection Free WiFi
Other furniture Couch and Desk with chair
View (if applicable) Partial Ocean View
Other amenities Mini Bar, Refrigerator, Kitchenette, Whirlpool, Fireplace, Coffeemaker, Safe
Bath Full bath, separate tub and shower
Maximum Occupancy 3 Adults
Items available on request or with
an extra charges
Roll-a-Way Bed, Crib, Cot


Sample Room Descriptions

Deluxe Room-
Our comfortable Deluxe Rooms are designed with the frequent traveler in mind. All rooms include free WiFi. Each has a King bed with side tables, Desk with Chair and a Sofa. The marble bathroom includes a bathtub, a separate shower, hair dryer and luxury bath products. Approximately 288 Sq. Ft. Max Occupancy is 4 persons. This is a Non Smoking room.

Standard Pet-Friendly Room-
A bright, modern room designed for the budget traveler and their favorite pet. All rooms include free WiFi. Each room has two twin beds and a bath with a bathtub/shower combo. We also include a dog bed and bowl for Fido. Max Occupancy 4 persons. Roll-a-ways available for a small fee.

USER NOTE: Unrelated room amenities are best included in a bullet list as below.

Room Amenities

  • In-Room Safe
  • Iron and Board
  • Alarm Clock
  • Mini bar
  • Robe
  • Coffee-maker
  • Movie Channels 

About Rate Descriptions

Rate Descriptions should be short and include all item directly related to the rate only. You should not include items that are Property related or Room related. For example: A good Rate Description will include information regarding the room rate and other items included in that rate, but it should exclude references to items like bedding and property location.

Items to include Description Example
Rate Type Name: Standard Rate; Seasonal Special
Discounts: Rate is 10% off the Standard Rate
Amenities related to the rate: Complimentary Newspaper, free breakfast, Late checkout, a meal, access to gym

Sample Rate Type Description

Best Value Rate
The Best Value Rate includes one of our beautiful guestrooms, complimentary WiFi, free covered parking, and a delicious Continental Breakfast for up to two persons. This rate also includes access to our Pool and Business Center.

Cheap Non-Refundable Rate
This is our lowest rate- guaranteed! Rate includes a guestroom only. This rate is cheap, but you must pay in full at the time of booking and the payment is non-refundable.

Seasonal Special Rate Type
“Seasonal Special reflects a 10% discount. The rate includes a guestroom, complimentary newspaper, access to a private health club and breakfast daily.”

How to set up a derived rate
…this is cool, and simple!

What is a Derived Rate?

This explanation may sound a little confusing at first glance, but Derived Rates are very simple to setup. They will also save you a lot of time (and will make more money!)

Definition: A Derived Rate is a rate plan that automatically references another rate plan for its pricing. A Derived Rate inherits all pricing, seasons and extra-person charges from another Rate Plan (Base Rate). If you change your Base Rate, Snap automatically changes the Derived Rate according to the formula you setup.

Step 1: Base Rate
The Base Rate is the rate plan to which the Derived Rate is linked. Choose an existing rate plan to which you will link the Derived Rate

Step 2: Derived Setup
Setup a new rate plan in the Admin area. Then choose the Base Rate to which you want to link from a drop-down list. (More detailed instructions are listed in the Admin)

Step 3: Pricing Formula
Enter the pricing formula to apply to the Base Rate
The formula can add or subtract a percentage or amount [(+) or (–) a “%” or “$” amount]

Step4: Published Rate
The Published Price will appear in the availability results. This is the rate the guest will book.

Save time setting-up rates

In this example – you want to setup a Seasonal Special rate plan and you want your Seasonal Special to be 10% lower than your Standard Rate.

Step 1: Decide which rate plan you want to link to; In this case, the Standard Rate.
Step 2: Setup the Seasonal Special in the rate configuration screen. Link it to the Standard Rate.
Step 3: Enter the pricing formula for the Seasonal Special [(+) or (–) a “%” or “$” amount]
Step 4: Snap publishes the Seasonal Special rates based on the formula.

You do not have to touch the Seasonal Special again. All of Seasonal Special’s rates and extra person charges are derived from the Standard Rate. If you change your Standard Rate, Snap automatically changes the Seasonal Special according to the formula.

Save even more time – control multiple rates with a single entry

You can setup multiple Derived Rates to reference a single Base Rate. This means you can make a single change to the Base Rate and Snap will automatically apply that change to all of the Derived Rates associated with it.